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Goop Goose #3

Goop Goose #3

The "Goop Goose" series is a fun ongoing upcycle project of mine! I love the strange amount of goose items I find at the thrift store and this series allows me to give them a new face and maybe a new life. Each goose comes with an ID/Certificate of Authenticity and a small illustration of the goose's personality.

Goose #3 currently goes by "Flora", Flora adores spring and being outside. You can often find them in their garden tenderly caring for their various flowers and vegetables. They will be so happy to hold and care for your plant pals while your at work. Their purple hued goop leaves a trail of sweet lilac scent wherever they go. This goose stands about 5 inches tall and has a felt bottom and plenty of room for a small plant inside. 
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