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A loud, fat, femme, multi-media artist and body-positive activist from New Hampshire.


Find me on any and all social media at the handle "Hyena Bones"!


Have a question? Want to commission me?have a collaboration idea? email me at to chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your inspiration?

  • Growing up a fat queer kid without representation was HARD, it manifested in me a lot of hate for my body. When I realized it wasn't a "me" issue, I wanted to spread that love and changed perspective with others. A major inspiration for my figure work is Egon Schiele as he explored the body as shapes and angles rather than a "person" who should look a certain way.

Where do you find your materials?

  • I love mixing mediums and using existing items in new ways. As a self-proclaimed thrift queen, I get many of my hoops, frames, and other inspiring junk at the local community thrift store. Recycling things into art is rewarding.

What is the best way to contact you?

  • For ANY contact I am available on Facebook, Instagram, and my email You can contact me on other social media but I do not check it as often.

If I want a custom artwork what should I have ready and what should I expect?

  • You will need a general idea of what you want or an idea of a budget, you should also be prepared to pay 50% to 100% of the costs upfront depending on the total. if you have a deadline you should bring it up before payment, artwork, especially embroidery, takes time.  I do my best work with personal reference photos, if you want nude artwork of yourself, then yes that means I am asking for your full/partial nudes. I respect the bodies and privacy of all my friends and clients.

How much can I expect to pay for custom artwork?

  • The mediums and methods I use have a wide variety of pricing, price is determined by labor, time, and supplies. Digital work starts at $50, woodcuts at $75,  and embroidery/multimedia works generally start around $150.


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